Research and Innvovation

Saad Amer has been actively involved in research and innovation. Saad regularly presents scientific papers in international meetings and also gives lectures regularly in national educational meetings. Saad has published extensively on polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in reputable scientific journals. Saad is currently running several clinical research studies on PCOS (such as the CLET trial), male fertility and endometriosis. Please click here for a list of his publications.

CLET trial
Male fertility study
AMH study
Endometriosis research
International conference presentation: to include the section on "laparoscopic ovarian diathermy vs clomiphene ........"

Saad Amer

Saad Amer MSc., FRCOG, MD
Consultant Gynaecologist

Private sec: 01332 785693
NHS Sec: 01332 786773
Private appointment: 01332 540104