Male Fertility Study

This study investigates the prevalence of infertility in men with the male equivalent of polycystic ovarian syndrome (Male-PCOS).

What is male-PCOS?

PCOS is a common condition that affects women of reproductive age. It has a genetic basis and is mainly associated with infertility and hormonal imbalance characterized by excessive production of male hormones. It is believed that men may inherit a condition similar to PCOS, which is associated with a similar hormonal imbalance. This condition is usually referred to as the male equivalent of PCOS. The main feature of male-PCOS is premature baldness, which is defined as baldness occurring before the age of 30. It is likely that men with male-PCOS may suffer from infertility in a similar way to women due to the hormonal imbalance. It is important to note that not all men with premature baldness are affected by male-PCOS. The aim of the current study is to determine whether there is a link between male-PCOS and infertility.

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